Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Temple Blessings- Recife Brazil

We take so much for granted in the United States, especially Boise, Idaho. For example: cars, grass, air conditioner, clean streets, carpet, vaccums, washers and dryers, microwaves, steady water supply, exterminators for all the nasty bugs that invade your house and most important: chocolate chips and peanut butter! (Haha,just kidding) And most important, the nearest temple being only 20 minutes away. The nearest temple from where I live in Cama├žari Bahia is four states, and 14 hours away. I am not complaining, just reinstating what a BLESSING it is to live in Idaho, or America for that matter. After 14 hours of being in the cramped car, it was hard to remember why I had gone in the first place. Haha.. oh yeah oh yeah, to follow the commandments and gain exaltation with my eternal companion and love of my life… that little fact kind of slipped my mind as my journey across the states of brazil on bumpy dirt roads full of potholes and in a tiny cramped car with the heat of a 120 degree day for 14 hours. Hahaha… (I´m thankful I wasn´t a pioneer!!! And I´m even more thankful for what they had to go through. )
But we arrived and as soon as we entered the temple grounds, I remembered. It is so beautiful there, and it´s not like one temple is more beautiful than the other, but the mere fact of knowing that I was going to do an important work and ordinance there for myself and my prosperity brought such calmness and peace and BEAUTY. The Recife temple will always be close to my heart for that reason.
In the sealing ceremony the sealer President Celestino talked about how a wife isn´t just to be a housekeeper and child rearer, to do domestic duties but to be the equal partner of the husband. And it is his essential duty of the husband to treat his wife like a princess, a queen, and a treasure and doing such will create a celestial marriage. President Celestino looked at Jorge and asked, “Will you do this?” And his answer to the President was “ I already do.” Awww… my love. I love him so much. The president looked into his eyes and said, “Brother Andrade, I know you do and I know you always will.”
I will never forget those words and the feelings I felt during the sealing. Words and feelings that can´t be shared, only treasured in my heart.
We took lots of pictures!!! Except my hair was ugly and so was my makeup and I didn´t have a veil. But I really do love our pictures. I´ll post my favorite ones.

Coming out of the temple as Husband and WifeMy Niece Bruna and I

My husband and me :)

The four of us: Me, Jorge, Fabio,Bruna

The Recife Temple is BEAUTIFUL!

I'm short without shoes on. :)

OPA!!! Sneak peak... hahaha

Runaway Bride??

My Adorable Jorge
He is SO romantic!!! Honeymoon suite in our own house.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Here are a few pictures from the actual wedding. We did hire a photographer to take some pictures, but to be honest, I prefer the pictures we took with our cameras a hundred times better… Professional photography isn´t always the best way to go. That´s my two cents. The wedding was so funny, now that I remember back to that day, because it is so different than what I was raised with and use to. Weddings in the states are so…what´s the word… Proper. In Brazil, it´s like a circus! Hahaha… people talking and chatting during the ceremony, walking around, getting as close as possible to the bride and groom to take pictures, kids running around and the man performing the ceremony LOST in his own little world as he gave his 30 minute “talk”. I kept sneaking peaks over at Kelsey and Holly to see if they were as weirded out as I was. Haha… Even the little ring bearer boy got up from his seat during the ceremony to leave and on his sweet way out TOTALLY tripped on the train of my wedding dress and biffed it right there in the aisle in the MIDDLE OF THE CEREMONY. That only happens in movies or the Little Mermaid or something. Hahaha… oh man, or in Brazil. Besides that, the two hours of lateness waiting for the ceremony to even begin, hugging and kissing and posing for pictures with 500 people i´ve never seen in my life, a headache and sore feet, I´d have to say my wedding day wasn´t the greatest day of my life… but it is definantely one of the most memorable. It was crazy also because I had like zero control over anything. It was seriously like a joke or something. But anyway, that is my new culture, my new family, my new life and I love it all the same. At least I was married to my love, and that´s all that matters. Here are the pictures of the JoKE.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Finally some pictures!! I know that most of you have probably already seen these pictures on my sisters facebook, but now they are officially on my blog.

First, the trip to RIO! Here we are on top of the Christ the Redeemer Statue. One of the NEW seven wonders of the world. It really was breathtaking!! You can see this statue for miles and miles.

Here we are playing "Lost" in the Banyon (bamboo) trees. This place is located on top of Sugar Loaf Mountain, another wonder of Rio de Janiero. There are pathways that lead to different hiding places. It was so fun I felt like a kid again.

This is the awesome view from the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain. The amazing beach you can see in the background is Copacabana Beach. I love this picture... it captures the view that was seriously breathtaking.

Here we are at the bottom of Sugar Loaf. There are glass cable cars which take you to one mountain first, and then to the highest one after that. Everyone needs to come here!

Another view from Sugar Loaf Mountain. If you look really closely in the upper left corner-ish, you can see Christ the Redeemer Statue. COOL!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dear Friends and Family

Hello to all my dear friends and family members! Thank you all so much for your support and friendship through this past month of much excitement in my life!! I feel so bad for not being able to keep everyone updated more often! Internet access is so hard to come by... seriously. It's a real pain because I have so much to share with everyone, and not enough time or access to allow me to share everything I want to.

The wedding was a dream... and the sealing in the temple a dream come true. I am so thankful to have the love of my life by my side, and even though it is through such different circumstances, I wouldn't have it any other way.

So, just a few quick facts about the past two weeks.

* Jorge and I found a decent house in the center of the city to rent for 300 reais a month. Good deal for a good house!!
* Holly and Kelsey came to Brazil to visit me and see/ participate in the wedding!! We all met up in Rio de Janeiro and spent a couple of wonderful days touring RIO and spending time on the sweet beaches there. woo-hoo!! Then they came to Salvador and stayed with me in my house. They are such troopers!! It must have been so hard to be in a strange place where they didn't know a single person, or a single word that came out of their mouth. Everyone here loved my sisters though. They are so adorable and loveable and were the perfect company for me the week before my wedding. They were also the perfect bridesmaids.
* I was married on friday November 28th! That was SUCH an awesome day. I spent four hours before the wedding in a wedding parlor getting my hair and makeup done. The wedding was suppose to start at 7:00 that night at the stake center. My neice and her husband were suppose to be walking down the aisle at 7:00 on the dot. Well, 6:45 came, 7:00, 7:30... I was still waiting in the bridal parlor, no one had come to pick me up! I was starting to get desperate. Finally Holly and Kelsey, all dressed up in their bridesmaids dresses and high heels, walked all the way back to the stake center to find out what was going on. How they remembered the way there in one week of being in brazil, is beyond me. But they are smarties and figured it out. Finally about 8:00 they came to get me! I was starting to think that something horrible had happened, that maybe Jorge had backed out... sei la! I was thinking everything... what happened was that Bruna, my neice, had been in a slight car accident and there were difficulties in getting her dress to her. She had it made in a different city and the car accident backed everything up by two hours. My sisters and I waited LOCKED inside the chapel, while the whole cultural hall PACKED with more people than we ever imagined waited even more paciently. The waiting around was really starting to get on my nerves... i was anxious, nervous... frustrated that it wasn't going as planned. I found slight relief in being able to see Jorge through the tiny opening in the divider between the chapel and the cultural hall. Looking at him made me peaceful and giddy. haha....I just wanted to get married already!!!! Finally about 8:45 Bruna arrived beautiful in her dress and the wedding was on!! Her ceremony was a quick 5 minutes, and then it was my turn. Jorge entered first with his sister, then the witnesses entered, then the flower girl and the ring bearer, then my sisters with their escorts then me.
I entered the room to the music of Josh Groban, with Rogerio (my brother-in-law) as my escort. I just remember being amazed at how crowded it was. Everyone was taking pictures, filming, using their cell phones take more pictures.. haha.. wow, it was kind of overwhelming. Rogerio had to stop me from walking too fast and kept telling me to slow down. hahaha... as soon as I saw Jorge it was instant calmness. I was so happy!! Our stake President performed the ceremony and even though he is a beloved man, it took FOREVER!! He gave it felt like a 30 minute talk! My feet were sore and I was bored and I hardly understood what he was saying anyways. I was paying attention to everything except him. hahaha.. ai ai ai... after the ceremony, we greeted everyone, took a billion pictures... then we went our seperate ways. haha... i went back home with holly and kelsey at about midnight, Jorge went earlier to his sisters house.

The next couple days it was so funny to think that we were married, but not living together. We were waiting for the opportunity to go to Recife to be sealed in the temple. We left early early monday morning and after 14 hours of being in a cramped car we finally got there... man was i cranky. haha.. we stayed in the temple housing in the common rooms. All women in one room, all men in another. But it was cozy, and reminded me of the MTC. The next day we all woke up early and had special meeting with the temple president. There were 11 couples getting sealed that day and so it was like a special thing for all of us. He is so sweet and so spiritual. I loved being in the temple with my love. I can't imagine a feeling closer to heaven then being in the temple with my eternal companion. It was divine.

Well that's about all I have time for right now. I'll write more later!! Love you all and thank you for your support. I MISS EVERYONE!! pictures to come sooon! I hope. haha

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Together At Last

Life is so interesting. Who would have known five years ago that serving a mission in brazil would open SO many wonderful doors for me... So many surprises. 
Who would have known that the boy from my mission, who I never talked to once, would one day become my husband? Two and a half years later, 600 or so emails later, many fights, doubts, fears, anxieties, joys and funny moments together we finally decided to make virtual a reality. 
For some reason, satan does not want us together. He doesn't want any happy righteous, LDS couple to succeed. I swear he tried everything to make it so that Jorge and I wouldn't be together. Through our two and a half years of struggle and email communication, up until the day of my travels, he never stopped working against us. But thankfully, the Lord is much more powerful, more wise and can bless us so much more. He has a plan and nothing will interfere with it if we don't let it. 

The morning I left, I received a blessing from my stepdad. I was already tired from getting no sleep the night before, exhausted from packing, nervous about traveling alone, full of anxiety to see Jorge, scared of the unknown my future would hold... I was just a big ball of Blah and Blur and wasnt really paying attention as I received this blessing at five thirty in the morning . But as I sat there, sort of listening, soft of not, I was horrified to hear the words ..." as you and jorge talk and open the lines of communication, you will come to know that this is NOT the path for you to take".  *GASP* WHAT????????? After all this planning, these years we dedicated to each other, the planning of our future our love we shared, it wasn't going to work out??? Well, that was of course engrained into my mind the REST of the day. And there started my emotional train wreck of everything i was feeling. I cried from the time  I heard those words until I reached atlanta georgia. I cried for four hours straight. I kid you not. From home, to the airport, through checking my bags,  saying goodbye to my family, through security through the plane rides, in the airport at SLc...  the tears would not stop.  I think I made it harder on myself and my poor family too. They were there on the phone or texting me the whole time to make sure I was ok.  My mom tried consoling me by telling me that I had missed all the GOOD things that the blessing had said. I must have been so out of it that I didn't hear the other part of the blessing which said, " As you and jorge talk and open the lines of communication either your bond will grow all the more close, OR you will come to know that this is not the path to take."... okay, so I missed that part. hahaha.... 7 hours of complete torture for nothing.  But it was horrible, and I have absolute certainty that it was satan who engrained those words in my head.  

So that was the first bad thing... and the worst too.  Next, my suitcases that I was checking were too heavy! Either I'd have to pay a fine, or get rid of some of the things inside. So Kelsey and I found an open empty space and just emptied out the suticases, got rid of all the heavy stuff and weighed them over and over again until they were exactly 50 pounds.  AI AI AI! What a headache. That took awhile, and time was slipping away. I needed to hurry and catch my plane.  So, still bawling, I tearfully said goodbye to my family, and especially my mom seeing as I don't know when I'll see her again. (I get to see Holly and Kelsey in one week!). Then headed into security. There, of course, they had to pick on me some more and went through ALL of my carry-on stuff. ALL of it. And of course, me bawling, could hardly answer their questions through my lack of tear control.  Everyone kept asking me if I was ok, but I could never answer. Anyway, finally when they finished checking all my stuff, (By the way they threw out my brand new mary-kay face wash!! They said it was too big...grrrrrrrrrr!) That pissed me off even more and didn't help me calm down one bit. I tried to get all my stuff packed in to my carry on again. (Kelsey somehow managed to stuff SO much in there, that I wasn't able to get it all back in after the security dumped it all out).  Trying to get it all to fit and then OH how it was HEAVYYYYY, dragging it down the corridor to my gate, I come to find out that I had, indeed, missed my flight. Man I just wanted to die!! Everything was going so WRONG! 

I explained to the gate lady that I missed the flight because security had held me up. All she said was "You weren't here when we boarded, you missed it"... grrr...  More and more tears... haha. It was a miracle, seriously only the hand of the Lord that I didn't leave the airport in that second and go right back home again. I continued on... sad, helpless, hopeless... I repeat again, only the hand of the Lord himself was able to keep  me  going. The gate lady found another flight for me but of course charged me fifty dollars. It was only another hour wait so there i sat and just cried. 

On the plane ride to SLC, I was numb. I seriously don't remember the take off, the time in the air, or the landing. I remember boarding, and then getting off the plane. There in SLC I found my other gate that would take me to GA and there I sat. I re-arranged stuff in my carry-on to make it less heavy, tried to calm myself down by having something to do and texted holly and alysa. Thankgoodness for friends and family.  From there on, things were much better.  Although i couldn't eat or sleep, I felt much more at peace which was more comforting than sleep or food or anything else. I was thankful for the chance to calm down a little more by being with an old companion of mine in Sao Paulo for a day or two. That would be a good opportunity for me to re-remember brazilian life.

Once I got to Sao Paulo, and felt the humidity and smelled that Brazilian air, I was so thrilled. All scared feelings and doubts about Jorge vanished. I couldn't wait to see Lilian, an old missionary companion of mine.  Our time together was awesome. It was like we hadn't been seperated at all! We picked up right where we left off on our missions and it was amazing. We drove around Sao Paulo, we went to church at her ward (YAY! I love church in brazil!) I met her family and her awesome friends, we went to a church activity, hung out... I love Lilian so much. She is definantely my best brazilian friend (after Jorge of course) and was my best missionary companion. I loved our time together, but my priority was Jorge, so I had to continue on.

I had a few more travel complications from Sao Paulo to Salvador to meet meu amor. For some reason I couldn't buy my plane ticket online, prices were SKY high, and I was having a hard time getting in contact with Jorge to let him know when I would be arriving exactly. Lilian had to drive me to the airport to be able to buy the ticket and once I bought it, I realized that I was at the wrong airport and would have to take a bus all the way across town to the OTHER airport! Keep in mind Sao Paulo is one of the largest cities in the WORLD (like fifth of something)... so, again afraid that I would miss  my flight, I just went on faith. It only took an hour to get from one airport to the other, although it felt like an ETERNITY,  and I was able to do all the check-in stuff and even had time to go to the bathroom to pretty myself up. haha. 
WOW... but what an adventure. Sitting there waiting to board the plane to Salvador, I wanted to throw up. I was sooo nervous. But, another tender mercy of the Lord happened. As soon as I boarded the plane, sat down, and prayed... all of a sudden all feelings of fright left me. I was in complete tranquility! I felt like I was just going home or something. Peace and tranquility... oh those feelings are so underestimated. There's nothing better. Two hours I felt so peaceful. Once the plane landed I still felt peace. When I was entering the gate where you meet your loved ones---still calmness and peace. I snuck into the bathroom really fast, fixed my hair, makeup, brushed my teeth, put on some smell good stuff, said another quick prayer and just went for it. I started talking to everyone around me to try and take away some nerves. But being midnight in Salvador,  no one really felt like talking. haha...awkward! so, I took a deep breath, told myself I could do it, and walked through the doors expecting to see Jorge right away,  but... didn't recognize anybody. hahaha.. I looked around, surveyed everyone's face... wow it was crowded there, even being 12 at night on a monday. I kept wondering, I look so different, wouldn't he recongnize me right away? haha. I didn't want to look stupid just standing there, so I asked a airport worker where I pick up my other bags and he pointed me in the other direction. Right as I was about to turn around to leave, BAM, I saw him! haha... Wow, just remembering it gives me goosebumps. hahaha... I stopped right in my tracks. I left my bags where they were and just headed straight for him, CALM AS COULD BE, haha. We walked up to eachother and Huuuuugggggeeeed. All I could say was, Jorge.... jorge... i can't believe it, i can't believe it. haha.. He is sooo beatiful. SO much taller than I imagined, beatiful eyes, skin... soo handsome. He had a basket of flowers for me too. White daisys. SOOO beatiful and soo sweet! I couldn't believe how calm I was still. VERY antsy, ya know? But calm. I told him I had to go get my other bags. He took my carry ons and waited for me to come back. of COURSE my suitcases were one of the last ones to arrive at the baggage claim. That wait was complete torture! I kept pacing back and fourth, back and fourth, giddy as a school girl! haha. Finally they came and I went back to meet Jorge. He took one of my suitcases and Fabio took the other. Fabio is his neice's fiance. It was so funny, the second I saw Fabio I knew it was him! I just blurted out "FABIO!" and gave him a huge hug. He laughed. haha. Jorge introduced me to his family who had come to meet me at the airport...His sister Mira who is soo awesome, her husband Manuel, Jorge's neice/sister, Bruna and her fiance Fabio,  and his neighbors Joseane and her husband Nil. They all took care of my bags, and Jorge took care of me. He held my hand  and didn't let it go. His sister Mira asked, "sooo... and how about a wedding?" Jorge responded, " Tomorrow!" haha... man, from that minute I knew it was going to just be wonderful. That first meeting together felt so natural, like we were always together in person. 
It became a little akward for me once I got to his sister's house (where I am living now.) There were soo many people there. I think it was just overwhelming, everyone there wanting to talk to me, get to know me, soo many people, I was tired, and it was awkward because I felt like I was talking to everyone else more than Jorge, and I didn't want it to be that way. haha... I wanted to be with just him, connect with him, be comfortable with him before I met all his family and friends. haha... But the brazilian way is exactly like this. haha... no privacy! just kidding. 

That night was akward also because his sisters house only has two bedrooms. (Houses are small in Brazil.) And since we all had plans the very next day to go get everything registered in the city hall (cartorio) everyone slept over. Jorge and Fabio in bruna's room, me bruna and celina in celinas room. haha.. I remember thinking and almost laughing out loud at how awkward it was. I just barely met these people 2 hours ago and was sleeping in the same bed with them. I am so American. haha. Well, WAS so american. Now I am completely used to it.  But it was so strange to me to sleep in a bed with a lady I had barely met. Yet she has become a very loved and important person in my life. 

The second day was still a little awkward between jorge and I... well, at least it was for me. He said he felt totaly normal.  It's funny because our feelings must have switched. The night before at the airport, everyone kept telling me how he couldn't stop trembling with so much nervousness, and I was as calm as could be. But, on TUESDAY, it was me who was more hesitant and reserved, and him that was completely normal.  But it was a great day. Everything went as planned in relation to the engagement registration.  We were all able to set the wedding date for the 28th of november(Fabio and Bruna as well) done by the hand of the Lord only because it's impossible to acheive a wedding date that close once you register it.  It usually takes 2 months, but with the help of a church member, faith and prayer, it was done.  Thank Heaven! I wanted my sisters at my wedding so badly. I don't know what I would have done if it hadn't worked out. And this day was the only day they could have been there to see me get married.  Thank goodness it worked out. The brother from the ward who was helping us kept saying, "Is not this the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? Are we not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? Is God not a god of miracles? I have faith!!" haha... I love brazilian faith. It is so strong.  

That day, Jorge held my hand wherever we went,  did that cute stare that makes a girl feel cute.. ya know? hugged me... tried to kiss me a few times. hahaha.. but I only let him kiss me on the cheek or forehead.  He is sweet and full of compliments. It was soooooooo hot and humid though, that it was quite hard to feel cute. haha I was always sweating, red face, fanning myself with whatever I could find.  Man, but he loves me however I am.  Sweaty and all. haha.
That night the four of us (Jorge, me, Bruna and Fabio who are also getting married on the 28th with us) decided to go out to celebrate our official engagement. Fabio kept pestering us by saying stuff like, " Wow, almost a whole day together and still no kiss?" "Officially engaged and yet no kiss?" "we're not going home tonight until you two kiss" stuff like that... he's so funny ... But in my mind I wasn't going to kiss Jorge for a few more days. We walked around a little bit, took pictures in front of a fountain, laughed, talked and I asked him "Does it bother you that we havn't kissed yet?" and he responded, " Well, I respect you completely, you decide when the kissing will happen." haha... well, he looked at me, I looked at him and FIREWORKS,  it just happened. Our first kiss!! It was WOW! We sat on a bench and took care of 2 and a half years worth of "business", walked home taking care of business... on the front porch took care of more business... hahhahhahahahaha... wow, and boy is my man LATINO. We both agree that a 24 day engagement is ALMOST too long, but it will do. :) Only 16 days now. haha! yay!

The rest man.. is history. This is our love story. We are together finally. Our lives are just beginning. I'll have to blog more another time, I've already spent an hour or more on this one post... plus, Jorge will be home soon. TIME TO GO!! hehe.

Here are the flowers he gave me at the airport and the chocolate was hiding inside.

This is Lilian Rodrigues, one of my best friends and my favorite missionary companion!

Celebrating our official engagement!
"I like him!!" 
"I like her!!"

This is the picture we chose to put on our wedding announcement here in brazil. I think we'll use a different one for the United States announcements. Neither one of us is very photogenic! haha.. We ended up taking about 25 pictures or so, and this was the least horrible. :)

With meu bem in the park celebrating our engagement.
(don't mind the cleaveage please)

See how hot and sweaty I am? My hair all crazy. Yes, blame it on the Brazilian Humidity! 

Monday, October 27, 2008

5 more nights in America

I leave on Saturday morning. It seems so surreal. Yesterday I hugged Holly good-bye after leaving our Grandma's house in Preston to travel our seperate ways, and I couldn't believe the words that came out of my mouth: "BYE HOLLY! I'll see you in Rio!" WHAT??? The next time I see my sister will be in Brazil?? Holy fruit salad bowl, batman. WEIRD!! Anyway, I almost cried after that. My life is going to change completely.
I got to hang out with Christy, Emily and Kim last weekend and Holly, Alysa and Kelsey this weekend. It makes me feel so good to hang out with my best friends. My friendships are so deep and rich, it feels so comfortable, and homey. ( I tried to upload pictures of Christy, Emily and Kim here but it isn't working!)

I've thought a lot this past little while about if I'm honestly ready to "give up" comfortable singlehood.... not that I was having doubts about Jorge, or Brazil, or marriage... but haha... these are HUGE changes. The unknown is frightening. How will the adjustment be? How will my days go? What will our reactions be to each other? It's been so long. I just need Jorge to be my best friend from now on. And going to Brazil is the only way to know for sure. So I am packing my bags...my life... and I'm leaving on Saturday. Leaving the comfort bubble is the only way to grow and experience all that life has to offer, at least for me. Leaving the comfort of home is completely necessary in life... it's an essential step. I may be doing it to the extreme, true... haha... but I have to keep reminding myself that this is what I want, that this will make me happy and most importantly this is Heavenly Father's plan for us. I need to push the scared feelings aside and take that leap of faith and jump. I have to get through the scary part by being strong and then just let life's blessings happen. 1,2,3, GO!

PS. Jorge doesn't even know I'm coming this weekend. HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It wasn't necessarily my plan to NOT tell him, but I just can't seem to actually, tell him. The words don't come out and then the departure date gets closer. So, then I am thinking, well maybe it's suppose to be a surprise. At least this way, he won't have to carry the burden of >NERVOUSNESS ANXIOUSNESS... which are horrible feelings that no one should have to go through. hahaha... If anyone reads this blog, what is your opinion? Tell him? Surprise him?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Routan Baby Boom

I found this really funny page on the Volkswagon.com website. You can upload pictures of you and your spouse, or friend, or boyfriend or fiance, or whoever, and then it calculates what your baby together will look like. HAHA. it's really funny! It goes along with those Brook Shields commercials. haha
Here's Jorge and my baby.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thanks Rory!

This jibjab card is hilarious. When I saw she had made this for me for my birthday I was sooo surprised!! I have never seen anything like it before! After watching it like 59 times on her blog, I decided to put it on mine too! :)
Thanks again Rory! You're amazing.

the birthday dance! made by rory :)

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Happy Birthday to ME :)

Today I am 26!! WOW!! To be honest, I don't know quite how to deal with this realization. I was just getting used to the idea of being 25, but now say hello to 26!
I think this will be an amazing year. Not only will I get to experience being inlove, but also starting the process of sharing and building a life with someone I just cannot imagine life without. I'm thankful that my time has come. :)

I thought it was horrible, the idea of postponing my trip to brazil because of travel complications... but it has, (as all things that don't initially go our way...)turned out to be a blessing. I've been able to spend these weeks trying to sell my car to have money, (no success... yet! but I'm optomistic!), working out daily, working to earn more money, and actually spending time PLANNING MY WEDDING! It's been so fun, and every girl should definantely go through it. It is so fun to plan an event that will be just for you. I've been able to spend so much good quality time with my Mom as we spent weekends at Bridal stores and eventualy finding the perfect wedding dress for me. Also, wedding announcements, bridesmaid dresses, color patterns, etc. It makes a girl feel special. I just wish all my friends and family could be there with me on that special day... if I could, I'd fly everyone to brazil for an amazing week of fun and togetherness. (and an amazing beach house stay!) But I'm thankful that my mom and two amazing sisters, Holly and Kelsey are so loyal to our family bond that they are doing everything to make sure they share a part in this once in a lifetime event. (Plus, they know I've got hot Brazilian guys waiting to meet them). haha... And if sparks start flying, it may end up being a double, or TRIPLE wedding!!! haha, eh? eh???? just kidding.

Thank you to everyone who called to wish me a happy birthday today. (I was at work during almost everyone's call though! Sorry I couldn't answer!!!) Thank you soooooooooooo much to Rory (who was first!) Kelsey, Jorge, Alysa, Brad, Christy and Ryan, Grandma and Holly. :) YOU ARE ALL THE BEST FRIENDS A PERSON COULD ASK FOR!! I love you all! Thanks for making it a great day.

Com amor,

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The waiting game...

Welcome to my life. It's been hard to start a blog just because I'm a pretty private person. But I love my friends and family, and with the many changes taking place in my life that will limit the contact I have with my beloved family and friends, I decided a blog would be an excellent way for them to know the 411 on the "Brazimericans". I'm going to apologize in advance because I am not very good at keeping these updated. I think it would be an accomplishment to get this done once a week. My facebook/myspace friends can vouch for that. and secondly, I don't know how to do the cutesy patootsy stuff that most of my friends know how to do!! Christy will have to teach me, I guess. :)

Anyway, as of now, September 18th, 2008 I am playing a waiting game with the brazilian consulate. I was suppose to be out of here August 30th, but due to travel complications I am still waiting for my visa so I can go to Brazil and be with Jorge. I am engaged to an amazing man from Brazil. (Yes, we both served in the same mission) We are sacrificing a lot for the chance to be together after two and a half years. But, the sacrifices will be well-worth it for true love. I'm putting my education on hold, selling my car, and leaving the comfort of my home to go and be with him. And believe me, if I DIDN'T think it was worth it, I would never do any of the above. (Those who know me well, know that to be fact)
I definantely consider myself to be a non-traditionalist. So the fact that my relationship, courtship, wedding, and marriage will be different than most, is something that I embrace and look forward to. I just hope I can embrace and look forward to it soon!!!!

com amor,

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hi. It's probably about time I started a blog since I'm being nagged by some friends to do one! Just kidding. Nag is too harsh. It's more like, encouraged. Yes, so I've been encouraged by friends to start a blog.

(Okay...now what do I write? What do I say??)
I'm Krista, I'm from Boise (but those of you who actually care to read this already know that! So why am I writing it?)
Anyway, I have an awesome family and awesome friends. I mostly decided that doing a blog would be a great idea because I am moving out of the country and thought that by doing a blog those awesome friends and family can stay informed of my doings and where-abouts. :)

I am leaving the United States to go an a brazilian adventure!! I have no expectations or plans, only HOPE and FAITH. What will I find on this exciting excursion? Along my travels I hope to find friends, aquaintances, learning experiences, humor, clarity, love, passion, wisdom, happiness and most important I hope to find myself LOST within the new life that awaits me.

I leave in precisely 20 days! I've spent this week cleaning and organizing the ZOO which I call a closet, and a PIG-STY which I call a bedroom (oink,oink). haha. So far I've done a pretty good job getting rid of everything that I don't need or of anything not of sentimental value. Man I had a lot of JUNK! Get this, through all these years, I have kept letters & pictures that my sunbeam class sent me from when I moved from Missouri to New Jersey 21 year ago! Sunbeams!! Hello I will be 26 soon. That was a LONG time ago!! (And yes, I kept the drawings...)

Anyway, the point is I'm getting packed. And patiently waiting for my Visa to come (yeah, the visa that I didn't know I needed to enter brazil until recently). Smart one, Krista. I pray that everything works out... even through my dumbness. I still have a long list of TO-BUY items for the trip, and have no money to buy them with! Whatever will I do?? .... LIVE!!!!!!!! of course. Even if it means frizzy hair and hairy legs. (ewww, just kidding. I do care somewhat about my appearance).

I am seriously dedicating myself to a stress-free life in Brazil though. Even though I have no expectations, I have hope. Hope of a hammock lounging, passion-fruit juice sipping, beach bumming, sun soaking, Jorge kissing, care-free, stress-free life. Did I mention a life with a hot latino man?... OOPS! Shhhh....*wink* (more of that to come in later posts).

Okay I'm getting carried away. G'night.

Com amor,