Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Hello to all of my friends and fam! Sorry about the lack of blogging... its just that I havn't really had the motivation to do so... Or much to write about. I'm still missing my husband like crazy, and we get to talk every day thanks to skype and MSN messenger.
Holly entered the MTC two weeks ago!! Here is a lovely bright-eyed Sister LaMont as she put on her name tag with accompanying "dork dot" :) haha...

We don't get to hear from her too often, but from what we've received from her, she seems to be really loving it. You can catch up on her adventures by reading her blog:
www.sisterlamont.blogspot.com which will be updated weekly. Or as often as she emails me :) haha. I've been doing ok coping with her absence... although its was tough at tbe beginning, its slowly starting to get better. I bombard her with letters and emails and dearelders and I feel better.

oh I also moved into my Grandma's house in downtown Boise with my cousin Jessica. Grandma moved into an assisted living facility in Meridian into her own little condo which she loves. Its much more "old-person friendly" than her house. I enjoy living on my own and rent is very minimal. So life is good. The plan is to continue to live here when Jorge gets here and this will be home sweet home... until we get kicked out. But its been fun decorating it, furnishing it, landscaping...tearing wallpaper off the walls and painting. (okay so that part wasn't so fun, mostly because I did a HORRIBEL job!! I should have hired a pro) haha I'll post some pics later. But life has been decent and I am pretty grateful. I also am grateful for all the sunshine we've had!! YESSS.. I love spring and summer! It's so warm it reminds me of Brazil... which reminds me of Jorge... which... *sigh*.
Okay bye!