Sunday, June 28, 2009

My June

This June has been pretty eventful! (for once..haha) A bridal shower, two weddings, a visit with friends, the races at meridian speedway and a trip to the zoo with the kids. Here are the pictures

The Boise Zoo! Normally the Boise Zoo isn't all that exciting. haha... it gets old rather quickly and there haven't been a whole lot of cool exhibits. But THIS YEAR they included a new African Exibit with a cool African village, Lions, Elephants and Giraffs! The kids seemed to really enjoy it.

A two headed tiger?? It definitely looks like it doesn't it!! It just happened that the instant that I took this picture, one tiger was walking one direction, and the other tiger was walking the other direction. It looks like it has a bum-face. lol

Here they are inside of the jeep ready for the African Safari! Hmm... maybe Aaron shouldn't drive, he can't even reach the pedal! haha

This is them inside of the African Hut. It looks so authentic and they looked so cute peeking their heads out the "windows"

Look at these cute little monkeys... "oooohooooh ahhh ahhh" (monkey noise). They were imitating the monkies in the cage behind them. They were so active that day! It was so fun to watch them! (The Monkeys... although the kids were so active this day too!)

Congratulations to some great friends of mine who were married this past month!! I've known Kaitlyn since 6th grade and we became good friends in High School. Oh the good ole days!!! haha And I had the honor of knowing Alysa in college at BYU-I! We were only roomates for three short months, but have remained the bestest of friends for 7 years! They were beautiful brides and their husbands are SO lucky to have them!!!

Alysa and Russell Clark
June 19, 2009
Ogden Utah

Kaitlyn and Jonas Chilcote
June 27, 2009
Boise, Idaho

The same weekend that I was at Alysa's wedding, I got to stay with CHRISTY! and Ryan of course :) They are the sweetest couple and I'm thankful for their hospitality in giving me a place to crash! It was great fun, as always, to chat with Christy until 2 or 3 at night!! (we've made this quite a habit lately!!) But I love it and I love her. I also got to go to Salt Lake with them to the hospital and meet their baby girl EMILY! She is tiny, and adorable and it makes me happy that I was able to see her! They are the best family!

Then it was JFK day at the Meridian speedway. (haha, that rhymed). We were there to cheer on "Johnny the Jet", who went from 15th place to 1st in the non-winged sprint car division race! Go Johnny!

Silly Mommy has a funny face!! :)
After the races, my mom Kelsey and I took the kids to the pit to meet him and get his autograph. They also got to sit in his car. Here's Natalie and Broc.

AND FOR THE BEST PART.... Only four more days until I go to Brazil!!
Ready or not Jorge here I come!! (oh, he's ready!)