Monday, October 27, 2008

5 more nights in America

I leave on Saturday morning. It seems so surreal. Yesterday I hugged Holly good-bye after leaving our Grandma's house in Preston to travel our seperate ways, and I couldn't believe the words that came out of my mouth: "BYE HOLLY! I'll see you in Rio!" WHAT??? The next time I see my sister will be in Brazil?? Holy fruit salad bowl, batman. WEIRD!! Anyway, I almost cried after that. My life is going to change completely.
I got to hang out with Christy, Emily and Kim last weekend and Holly, Alysa and Kelsey this weekend. It makes me feel so good to hang out with my best friends. My friendships are so deep and rich, it feels so comfortable, and homey. ( I tried to upload pictures of Christy, Emily and Kim here but it isn't working!)

I've thought a lot this past little while about if I'm honestly ready to "give up" comfortable singlehood.... not that I was having doubts about Jorge, or Brazil, or marriage... but haha... these are HUGE changes. The unknown is frightening. How will the adjustment be? How will my days go? What will our reactions be to each other? It's been so long. I just need Jorge to be my best friend from now on. And going to Brazil is the only way to know for sure. So I am packing my life... and I'm leaving on Saturday. Leaving the comfort bubble is the only way to grow and experience all that life has to offer, at least for me. Leaving the comfort of home is completely necessary in life... it's an essential step. I may be doing it to the extreme, true... haha... but I have to keep reminding myself that this is what I want, that this will make me happy and most importantly this is Heavenly Father's plan for us. I need to push the scared feelings aside and take that leap of faith and jump. I have to get through the scary part by being strong and then just let life's blessings happen. 1,2,3, GO!

PS. Jorge doesn't even know I'm coming this weekend. HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It wasn't necessarily my plan to NOT tell him, but I just can't seem to actually, tell him. The words don't come out and then the departure date gets closer. So, then I am thinking, well maybe it's suppose to be a surprise. At least this way, he won't have to carry the burden of >NERVOUSNESS ANXIOUSNESS... which are horrible feelings that no one should have to go through. hahaha... If anyone reads this blog, what is your opinion? Tell him? Surprise him?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Routan Baby Boom

I found this really funny page on the website. You can upload pictures of you and your spouse, or friend, or boyfriend or fiance, or whoever, and then it calculates what your baby together will look like. HAHA. it's really funny! It goes along with those Brook Shields commercials. haha
Here's Jorge and my baby. 


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thanks Rory!

This jibjab card is hilarious. When I saw she had made this for me for my birthday I was sooo surprised!! I have never seen anything like it before! After watching it like 59 times on her blog, I decided to put it on mine too! :)
Thanks again Rory! You're amazing.

the birthday dance! made by rory :)

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Happy Birthday to ME :)

Today I am 26!! WOW!! To be honest, I don't know quite how to deal with this realization. I was just getting used to the idea of being 25, but now say hello to 26!
I think this will be an amazing year. Not only will I get to experience being inlove, but also starting the process of sharing and building a life with someone I just cannot imagine life without. I'm thankful that my time has come. :)

I thought it was horrible, the idea of postponing my trip to brazil because of travel complications... but it has, (as all things that don't initially go our way...)turned out to be a blessing. I've been able to spend these weeks trying to sell my car to have money, (no success... yet! but I'm optomistic!), working out daily, working to earn more money, and actually spending time PLANNING MY WEDDING! It's been so fun, and every girl should definantely go through it. It is so fun to plan an event that will be just for you. I've been able to spend so much good quality time with my Mom as we spent weekends at Bridal stores and eventualy finding the perfect wedding dress for me. Also, wedding announcements, bridesmaid dresses, color patterns, etc. It makes a girl feel special. I just wish all my friends and family could be there with me on that special day... if I could, I'd fly everyone to brazil for an amazing week of fun and togetherness. (and an amazing beach house stay!) But I'm thankful that my mom and two amazing sisters, Holly and Kelsey are so loyal to our family bond that they are doing everything to make sure they share a part in this once in a lifetime event. (Plus, they know I've got hot Brazilian guys waiting to meet them). haha... And if sparks start flying, it may end up being a double, or TRIPLE wedding!!! haha, eh? eh???? just kidding.

Thank you to everyone who called to wish me a happy birthday today. (I was at work during almost everyone's call though! Sorry I couldn't answer!!!) Thank you soooooooooooo much to Rory (who was first!) Kelsey, Jorge, Alysa, Brad, Christy and Ryan, Grandma and Holly. :) YOU ARE ALL THE BEST FRIENDS A PERSON COULD ASK FOR!! I love you all! Thanks for making it a great day.

Com amor,