Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hi. It's probably about time I started a blog since I'm being nagged by some friends to do one! Just kidding. Nag is too harsh. It's more like, encouraged. Yes, so I've been encouraged by friends to start a blog.

( what do I write? What do I say??)
I'm Krista, I'm from Boise (but those of you who actually care to read this already know that! So why am I writing it?)
Anyway, I have an awesome family and awesome friends. I mostly decided that doing a blog would be a great idea because I am moving out of the country and thought that by doing a blog those awesome friends and family can stay informed of my doings and where-abouts. :)

I am leaving the United States to go an a brazilian adventure!! I have no expectations or plans, only HOPE and FAITH. What will I find on this exciting excursion? Along my travels I hope to find friends, aquaintances, learning experiences, humor, clarity, love, passion, wisdom, happiness and most important I hope to find myself LOST within the new life that awaits me.

I leave in precisely 20 days! I've spent this week cleaning and organizing the ZOO which I call a closet, and a PIG-STY which I call a bedroom (oink,oink). haha. So far I've done a pretty good job getting rid of everything that I don't need or of anything not of sentimental value. Man I had a lot of JUNK! Get this, through all these years, I have kept letters & pictures that my sunbeam class sent me from when I moved from Missouri to New Jersey 21 year ago! Sunbeams!! Hello I will be 26 soon. That was a LONG time ago!! (And yes, I kept the drawings...)

Anyway, the point is I'm getting packed. And patiently waiting for my Visa to come (yeah, the visa that I didn't know I needed to enter brazil until recently). Smart one, Krista. I pray that everything works out... even through my dumbness. I still have a long list of TO-BUY items for the trip, and have no money to buy them with! Whatever will I do?? .... LIVE!!!!!!!! of course. Even if it means frizzy hair and hairy legs. (ewww, just kidding. I do care somewhat about my appearance).

I am seriously dedicating myself to a stress-free life in Brazil though. Even though I have no expectations, I have hope. Hope of a hammock lounging, passion-fruit juice sipping, beach bumming, sun soaking, Jorge kissing, care-free, stress-free life. Did I mention a life with a hot latino man?... OOPS! Shhhh....*wink* (more of that to come in later posts).

Okay I'm getting carried away. G'night.

Com amor,