Sunday, May 29, 2011

January - June update :)

I really really stink at this blogging thing. LOL. I do hope to get better though. Seems like most people blog about their kiddos... so I'll soon get that same opportunity. Tomorrow I'll be 13 weeks pregnant and next monday, the 6th of June is our first doctor's appointment. 14 weeks seems so long to wait to have a first appointment, but with work and schedules that was the best we could do. GOOD-BYEEEEEEE FIRST TRIMESTER!! I'm excited to finally be able to hear a physical heartbeat and know there is something real inside me. Up until now it's felt so unreal. I mean, the biology of it all tells me I'm pregnant, and my sickness and constant nausea tell me I'm pregnant, but I can't wrap my head around the idea yet. I think hearing the heartbeat will be just what I need to accept it. Jorge can't wait to be a dad!! I'm excited to see him as a dad also. I on the other hand was so surprised about getting pregnant already. We planned for a baby later in the year or next year, but sometimes things don't work out the way you plan! So, we're planning for our first little one to join the Andrade family in December.