Monday, November 30, 2009

1 year anniversary

WOW, I wrote this blog two months ago, and never got around to posting it. Here it is:

Well, it is hard to believe, but on November 28th, Jorge and I celebrated our first year anniversary! I don't really know how to feel about that... happy that time is going by quickly... sad that our first year of marriage, which we can never have back, was spent apart. I understand that it takes effort to make marriage work when you're together, but I learned that it also definitely takes effort to make a marriage work long distance. Sending emails every day, letting your spouse know you love them and are thinking about them on a daily basis can seem like a bit much. But it makes all the difference in the world to make that daily connection, even countries apart. I may not be able to see Jorge everyday or kiss him every day when I get home from work, but my stomach still gets butterflies when I see his name in my email inbox, and I don't get to hear him tell me he loves me every day, but I have over 1000 emails, text messages, and orkut love messages which DO tell me he loves me and with which I could compose a book out of! (We actually do plan on creating a book of our love letters and love story to keep within the family, which means all who wish to read them need to know Portuguese!). When I finally do get to hear him say those three words,"eu te amo" it just makes it all the more special. haha, it probably sounds pretty cheesy, huh?

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